Snow Painting!

This is such an easy art activity, perfect for a snow day!

What you need:

Crayola Color Bath Drops or Food Coloring Spray Bottles and/or Paint Brushes Cups Water 

Fill your Cups or Spray Bottles with Water add Crayola Color Bath Drops or Food Coloring. I have used food coloring in the past but was worried about staining my daughters new jacket so I decided to use the Crayola Color Bath Drops since I know those don’t stain! It worked well!

We used cups and paint brushes and some travel containers. The travel containers were pump and squirt ones. Traditional spray bottles would have worked too!

Tips to enhance play:

  • Build something in the snow and paint it.
  • Add sand toy molds, bowls or muffin tins.
  • Mix the colors and talk about color changing!
Hope this inspires you to bundle up and make some art in the snow! Send in your photos and it could be featured on my blog! We love to see what you are creating!