DIY Exploding Volcano

My daughter is fascinated by volcanos. After reading a few books about them I decided it would be a great activity to make one and blog about it.

I recommend doing this outside or in a large area that is easy to clean up. It is a 3 step project. I suggest starting early in the day or over two days.

First you need to make the Paper Mache. I like the easy no cook version of flour and water.

Supplies Needed:
Large Bowl
Measuring cups dry and liquid
2 tablespoons of salt *Optional Spoon *Optional





I really like this recipe because its a no cook version. In a large bowl mix 1 part flour, 2 parts water. Mix until it feels like a soupy paste. If you live in an area of have high humidity add 2 tablespoons of salt to avoid mold. Add more or less depending how you like it. Mix well until the lumps are out.





Now to start making the volcano.
Supplies Needed:

Cardboard (we used the piece that the water bottles came in.)
Water Bottle
Masking tape
Paper mache Paste
Paint and Paint brushes
Baking Soda
Dish Soap
Measuring cup

To make first tape your water bottle onto your cardboard. Masking tape works well but we ended up using packing tape and it worked just fine.

Next, rip strips of newspaper and dip it in the paper mache mixture. Wipe off the extra paper mache. The thinner it is the faster it dries.

Set to dry then paint.

When the paint is dry then add 3-4 teaspoons of warm water, 4 drops of dish soap, 5 table spoons of baking soda. Shake the mixture, I just picked it up and gave it a few shakes. Then add about 1/3 cup of vinegar. Step back and watch the sudsy explosion. Add more vinegar and baking soda to continue eruptions!

My daughter and her friends played with this volcano all afternoon. We added dinosaurs and sand to enhance the play!

All in all it was a fun and messy activity. I liked building it inside the box with edges, it really held up nicely and kept the mess inside! I hope this inspires you to create a fun “messy hands” experience with your child! <3 Amanda