Easy DIY Disney Silhouettes

This was a very easy craft. I love using coloring books as stencils! I have made a couple projects like this and loved how they turned out. This is an inexpensive way to change your child’s room decor with their favorite characters.

All you need is:
Coloring Book with images of your choice or computer saved image
Frame (The dollar store or ikea are great places to find frames)
Scrapbooking Paper scraps or your child’s artwork. (I made the Star Wars one with Lola’s artwork.)

 First find your image and cut it out. If you want to use the image for more projects cut it out on thin cardboard. (A cereal box works great.) Trace image on paper and cut it out. Glue (I like paste because it does not bunch up the paper when dried.) onto larger paper cut to fit inside frame. 

Add a frame and your finished! 


With these Star War Ones, I used Scraps of Lola’s artwork, some random paintings she made and I couldn’t part with. (I have that problem!) It makes a one of a kind gift and a really rad piece of art!

I cant wait to hear and see what you have made!

<3 Amanda