Saying Goodbye to The Sorcerer’s Hat at Hollywood Studios

A perfect day at Hollwood Studios!
A perfect day at Hollywood Studios!

Today, January 7, 2015 marks the day The Sorcerer’s Hat vanishes from Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

The Sorcerer’s Hat has become a landmark in Hollywood Studios since 2001. It was placed as a temporary structure that houses a souvenir shop during the “Hundred Years of Magic,” the celebration of Walt Disney’s Birthday. The Sorcerer’s Hat is 122 feet tall and weighs 156 tons. It will take several weeks to dismantle.

Rumors are swirling about what will take its place. The Chinese Theater has been covered up by this structure, maybe they are making it visible again?

This past fall we were lucky enough to see it one last time before its disappearance. I invite you to post a pic of you in front of this iconic hat and share your memories.

Have a magical day!