Scratch and Sniff Paint

Scratch and sniff paint is another fantastic sensory art experience. I think it is an all ages activity. This could be applied to infants and toddlers as well as preschool and school aged children. In the past I have created scratch n sniff art where I cut shapes of fruit and had children color them with the scratch and sniff paint and even make scratch n sniff books!

All you need is flavored drink mix, (koolaid) a paintbrush and paper. I like to use a sectioned plate occasionally, it sure beats washing several little dishes! I also like to have a water jar so rinse off the brushes between uses like you would with water color paints.



This was a big hit today! I opened the packets and let Lola guess what flavors they were by the smell. Just pour a little water into the flavored drink mix, a few drops of water enough to make the mixture gritty. It will become a water color paint. (If you taste it, its really sour!) Its amazing how fragrant the flavored drink mix is when you paint. When it dries the paint still smells!

It’s art and sensory rolled into one! Enjoy! <3 Amanda