Stepping Stones on a Budget: A Mother’s Day Gift

One of my favorite spring projects are making stepping stones! They make excellent additions to your gardens as well as bring a smile to your face. We decided to make them in bulk for Mother’s Day Gifts and to fill in our new garden.

You can make about 13 stepping stones varied in sizes small 5″ and large 10″ ones. Our first batch my daughter made 7 large 10″ and  6 of the small 5″ stepping stones.

Supplies Needed:

Quikrete 50 lb. Fast Setting Concrete Mix.
Planter Pot Liners (In whatever size you choose.)
Cooking Spray
A Bucket
A paintstick
Water (A hose is what I used.)
A paper or plastic cup
Mosaic Pieces (Glass Beads, Sea Glass, Shells, Rocks, tiles etc.)

I like to do this project outside with the hose as my water source. My supplies were very inexpensive, everything could be picked up at your local hardware and dollar store. The concrete mix was purchased at my local Home Depot for under $6.00. The flower pot liners were found at Home Depot all under $1.00 a piece. I later found three packs of them at The Dollar Tree. Home Depot had a large selection with many sizes. The paint sticks were free. I found all my mosaic pieces (rocks and glass beads) at the dollar store.  Add whatever you like!!!

First, spray your liners with cooking spray. (A thin coat just helps the stepping stone release easier.) Next, use a cup and scoop out about 6-8 cups of concrete mix into your bucket. Add water, just a little at a time and mix well with your paint stick. It should all get wet like a thick pancake batter. Clumpy and thick, not too thinned out. Add more concrete if it thins out too soon.  Pour or scoop out the mixture into the plastic liners. Fill it almost to the rim, leave some room for the mosaic pieces to be pressed in firmly.


In just a few minutes you will notice the concrete setting and you really have to push the mosaic pieces in.  In a few minutes the concrete will start to turn grey at this point you can flip it out of the liner. Just set the stepping stone upside down to dry overnight.


unnamedunnamed (2)

I hope this inspires you and your little artist to make something beautiful!