Water Balloon Painting

Nothing is better then doing messy art on a hot summers day! I would plan this for a day when its okay to get drenched and really messy! Water play would be ideal after this activity.

Water Balloon Painting Materials Needed:
Balloons (water balloons or regular)
Paint (I used washable)
Large Bowl or basket

I started out filling the balloons with a few drops of paint then filling them with water but it was time consuming and messy. It was a complete failure! I quickly realized that method only works with a tempera paint. I had to rethink what I was doing, so I filled a handful of water baloons with just water and placed them in a bowl for transporting.

First, I had Lola drip paint onto the canvas. With Lola being only two , she was a little wild doing it. I suggest using the paint generously because when the water hits it will washes away some of the paint.





Next is the fun part, toss the balloons on the canvas and watch your artwork take shape! This will be followed by many giggles and splatters! I recommend doing  the project it in the grass because with all the water the pavement could be too slippery.

Squeezing balloons was a big hit too!

 You can see how the paint really mixes and runs. When needed we added a few more drips of paint. The texture was really interesting towards the end.

I told you it was going to get a little messy! Look at these messy hands! 

Have fun creating! <3 Amanda